Finding Job Vacancies in Belfast

There are several reliable methods for locating job vacancies in Belfast, but among the most productive approaches is the use of a recruitment agency. A majority of businesses tend to approach professional agencies that can provide a pre-screened pool of applicants. This saves the businesses tons of time and money simply by allowing them direct access to people with the skills and interest in the specific jobs they will be offering.

For instance, a publishing house might get dozens of applicants for a single receptionist position if they advertise in the local press, but if they work directly with a recruiting agency, they will be able to meet only with candidates who have the experience and skills required specifically for that post.

While not all job vacancies in Belfast will be channeled through a recruitment service, it is really advisable for the job seeker to contact as many as possible to ensure they are aware of the publicly advertised jobs as well as those available only through an employment service.

When seeking employment in Belfast, or anywhere else for that matter, it is a good idea to scan through all available listing. Job vacancies in Belfast are likely to be organized by industry or skill set, but that can be misleading and inefficient. This is because most qualified individuals often have more skills and capability than they recognize.

For example, the receptionist position above may seem like a field limited to someone with basic office skills and a pleasant manner with the public. Interestingly, an individual who has worked in many different fields is likely to be a good candidate to serve as a receptionist – librarians, personal secretaries, clerks and even waiter and waitresses would all be perfectly capable of interacting with the public and handling the sort of tasks common to the receptionist. This is the reason it is imperative to consider all job vacancies in Belfast rather than limiting oneself to a specific industry or range of experience.

This too should also be reflected in a CV. It is important to make sure to structure the descriptive language in the CV for the particular job being sought. For example, someone who did indeed work in a library, but who is seeking a receptionist position should focus the description of their former job around interaction with the public, communication with the fellow staff members and organization of tasks, as all of this is critical to a well-performing receptionist as well.